Asır Group,LLC is one of the Turkey’s premier woman handbags manufacturer established in 2005

Asır Group is the only licensed company for Beverly Hills & Polo Club brand in Turkey and all over Europe. We have sales and production license for Beverly Hills & Polo Club which is worldwide known and qualified brand. As luxury goods from bags to wallets, we manufacture many qualified and fashionable products under this brand.


We obtain strong position in the market day by day by working hard. We are passionate to mainly fashion and all other characteristics that a leading brand must related to. As a hardworking company, we bring all the things about quality under the roof of Beverly Hills & Polo Club brand. We optimize and take our brand ahead of world stand by giving high importance to every single detail about sales and production processes.


We are passionate to make our client's dream come true by providing them qualified products that they need in an easiest way. Every single day we enhance ourselves by keeping in touch with fashion and market goals. 

Marketing & Advertising

The main part of our diversity strategy is our multicultural marketing team. We use powerful and evocative images, symbols and words to communicate our brand messages, our special events and our merchandise selections to our diverse core customers. And we deliver those messages via targeted media channels to reach customers where and when they want to receive our messages. We also work with minority-owned and women-owned agencies to ensure our concept development and ad placements are in sync with our multicultural customer.